Product Highlights:

  • Unified storage: NAS/SAN
  • iSCSI target functionality
  • CIFS, NFS, HTTP, FTP Protocols
  • RAID 0,1,5,6,10 support
  • Bare metal or virtualization installation
  • 8TB+ Journaled filesystems
  • Filesystem Access Control Lists
  • Point In Time Copy (snapshots) support
  • Dynamic volume manager
  • Powerful web-based management
  • Block level remote replication
  • High Availability clustering

Deployment Scenarios:
1. Oracle RAC Cluster on Oracle Enterprise Linux using Openfiler as shared storage
2. Hosting the Virtual Machines storage on Openfiler for KVM, Virtualbox, Xen, Vmware, Hyper-V
3. Shared Storage for Mysql, Postgresql, Oracle, Mssql, Ingres Databases and Infobright, oracle, teradata Datawarehouse solutions
4. Storage for Web2.0 applications
5. Hosting the storage for CRM applications